Analytics Modelling – Question 12.1 Solved

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Describe a situation or problem from your job, everyday life, current events, etc., for which a design of experiments approach would be appropriate.

Question 12.2

To determine the value of 10 different yes/no features to the market value of a house (large yard, solar roof, etc.), a real estate agent plans to survey 50 potential buyers, showing a fictitious house with different combinations of features. To reduce the survey size, the agent wants to show just 16 fictitious houses. Use R’s FrF2 function (in the FrF2 package) to find a fractional factorial design for this experiment: what set of features should each of the 16 fictitious houses have? Note: the output of FrF2 is “1” (include) or “-1” (don’t include) for each feature.

Question 13.1

For each of the following distributions, give an example of data that you would expect to follow this distribution (besides the examples already discussed in class).
a. Binomial b. Geometric c. Poisson d. Exponential e. Weibull

Question 13.2

Use the Arena software (PC users) or Python with SimPy (PC or Mac users) to build a simulation of the system, and then vary the number of ID/boarding-pass checkers and personal-check queues to determine how many are needed to keep average wait times below 15 minutes. [If you’re using SimPy, or if you have access to a non-student version of Arena, you can use λ1 = 50 to simulate a busier airport.]


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