CO – HOMEWORK 2 Traffic Light Solved

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這次作業的主要目的為複習 verilog 語言和熟悉開發環境,請實作出紅綠燈的簡單 verilog
Figure 1. File hierarchy for homework submission

 Important! DO NOT submit your homework in the last minute. Late submission is not accepted.
 You should finish all the requirements (shown below) in this homework and Project report.
 Verilog and SystemVerilog generators aren’t allowed in this course.
General rules for deliverables
 You need to complete this homework INDIVIDUALLY. You can discuss the homework with other students, but you need to do the homework by yourself. You should not copy anything from someone else, and you should not distribute your homework to someone else. If you violate any of these rules, you will get NEGATIVE scores, or even fail this course directly
 When submitting your homework, compress all files into a single zip file, and upload the compressed file to Moodle.
 Please follow the file hierarchy shown in Figure 1.
F740XXXXX ( your id ) (folder) src( folder ) * Store your source code
report.docx ( project report. The report template is already included. Follow the template to complete the report. )
Homework Description

Figure 2. 紅綠燈狀態圖

Figure 3. 紅綠燈控制模組的示意圖

1. 綠燈維持 512 個 cycles。 (起始狀態)
2. 沒有任何燈號維持 64 個 cycles。
3. 綠燈維持 64 個 cycles。
4. 沒有任何燈號維持 64 個 cycles。
5. 綠燈維持 64 個 cycles。
6. 切換成黃燈維持 256 個 cycles。
7. 再切換成紅燈維持 512 個 cycles
輸入訊號:(電路為 clock 正緣觸發)
pass:1bit 訊號,當 pass 為 1 時,若當前狀態非起始狀態之綠燈,強制切換成起始狀態之綠燈第 1 個 cycle,若原本為起始狀態之綠燈則不改變燈號和 cycle。當 pass 為 0 則沒有任何動作。
rst:1bit 訊號,非同步正緣時觸發,將燈號狀態設成綠燈第 1 個 cycle。
clk:1bit clock 訊號。
R:1bit 訊號,代表紅燈的輸出訊號。 G:1bit 訊號,代表綠燈的輸出訊號。
Y:1bit 訊號,代表黃燈的輸出訊號。

Homework Requirements
1. 完成 traffic_light.v 的設計。
2. 用 modelsim 教學中的步驟,將 traffic_light.v 和 traffic_light_tb.v 放入 modelsim 專案中執行模擬。
3. 根據報告格式完成 report.docx,記得更改檔名。


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