CS293 Lab 5 Solved

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A New Tree
General Instructions
• There is no in-lab and out-lab component of this assignment.
• You must however submit your partial work by 5.15 pm on Fri, Sep 2 on Moodle.
• Please go through the announcement made on Moodle in this regard.
This lab is all about the Adelson-Velskii and Landis trees, aka AVL Tree aka Height Balanced Tree. Are the AVL trees always better than a run of the mill Binary tree, In this lab we will try to answer this question.
Problem Statement
The goal is to implement an AVL tree , and observe the relation it has with a Binary Tree, We will also look into the number of operations(Comparisons and Pointer Updates) which are required in both building and maintaining an AVL tree
We will use a record of Journey Code and price as our basic objects, to mark the entries in the tree. The Journey Code will also be used to sort the data and build the tree.
This File contains the Abstract class that will be used for building the different types of trees. It also contains the print function that will help you to visualize and check your implementations. Please Do not change this File
You have been provided a skeletalimplementation of the BST that we will use to compare the statistics of trees. You need to identify the correct locations and update the comparisons and Pointer Movements functions
A New Tree CS293 Lab 5

• In this file you need to implement the insert and find functions for an AVL tree while making sure the tree remains balanced.
• Do NOT change the name of the given functions
• You also need to keep track of number of comparisons, and the number of Pointer Movements that you make and increment the appropriate variable accordingly
• OPTIONAL: You can also Implement the remove function for an AVL tree main.cpp
This is the file that you will run to test your implementation
Use the following commands to run the code
g++ -g main.cpp -o AVLBSTTest
The Operations that are available in the interactive mode are
• ADD <journey code> : ADD a new element to the tree
• DEL <journey code> : DELETE the code from the tree
• FIND <journey code> : FIND if the code is present in the tree
• PRINT: PRINTS a representation of the tree
Testing the Code
• You are provided by a checker.sh file
The Command to run the file is
./checker.sh <sorted|reverse|random> <numOfNodes> <filename> <AVL|BST>
• The Program will create TestFiles with numOfNodes ADD and numOfNodes FIND commands, run your code and then plot graphs comparing the number of Comparisons and Pointer Movements with the number of operations
• Check the relationship between the graphs for the different type of data (Sorted in ascending order and descending order and random permutation of the elements)

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A New Tree CS293 Lab 5

Make the necessary changes in the files.
Keep all the files in a folder named <ROLL_NUMBER>_L5 and compress it to a tar file named <ROLL_NUMBER>_L5.tgz using the command tar -zcvf <ROLL_NUMBER>_L5.tgz <ROLL_NUMBER>_L5

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