CS305 – Week 2 – Search Algorithms Solved

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Search Algorithms aim at navigating from a start state to a goal state by transitioning through intermediate states. It also consists of a state space which is a set of all possible states where you can be.
There are many informed and uninformed search algorithms that exist and are very popular.
A* search, Uniform Cost search (UCS), Depth First Search (DFS), Greedy Search to name a few.
In this assignment you are are required to write two functions A_star_Traversal and DFS_Traversal which implements the respective algorithm
Your task is to complete the code for this function.
You are provided with the following files:
1. week2.py
2. SampleTest.py
Note: These sample test cases are just for your reference.
Numbers in Black represent Node numbers, numbers in Green represent Cost and numbers in Red represent heuristic values from that node
Start Node is in Blue
Goal Nodes are in Green
Note: This is the same graph that was used in class for A* explanation hence you must be easily able to trace the answer
Things to note with respect to the algorithm:
1. Search Algorithms don’t travel entire space, and find all paths and choose the optimal
2. Algorithms are refined to reach the goal at using best path in the first run itself.
Important Points:
1. Please do not make changes to the function definitions that are provided to you. Use the skeleton as it has been given.
Also do not make changes to the sample test file provided to you. Run it as it is.
2. You are free to write any helper functions that can be called in any of these predefined functions given to you.
3. Your code will be auto evaluated by our testing script and our dataset and test cases will not be revealed. Please ensure you take care of all edge cases!
4. In case of ambiguity, pick nodes in lexicographical order.
9. Hidden test cases will not be revealed post evaluation.
week2 .py
Contains two function
1. DFS_Traversal
2. A_star_Traversal
Name Description Type Example
cost Cost matrix.
Cost of moving from node i to node j is defined by cost[i][j] list of (list of integer/float) [
[3.1,1,0] ]
heuristi c Heuristic data structure for each node, heuristic at node I is defined by heuristic[I] List of integer/float [1,2.1,0]
start_p oint The start point where the algo starts integer 0
goals List of goal
nodes,length==number of goals List of integer [2,3]
Name Description Type Example
path The path should contain the path that the algorithm returns List of integer [1,2,3]
1. You are required to return paths using the respective algorithm
3. You can import libraries that come built-in with python 3.7
4. You cannot change the skeleton of the code
1. This will help you check your code.
2. Note that the test case used in this is same as the graph defined above
3. Passing the cases in this does not ensure full marks ,you will need to take care of edge cases
4. Name your code file as YOUR_SRN.py
5. Run the command python3 SampleTest.py –SRN YOUR_SRN (incase of any import error use the below command)
python3.7 SampleTest.py –SRN YOUR_SRN
You are required to complete code in week2.py and rename it to SRN.py
Failing to submit in the right format will lead to zero marks without a chance for correction
Example: If your SRN is PES1201801819 your file should be PES1201801819.py
If your SRN is PES1UG19CS020 your file should be PES1UG19CS020.py
Use your SRN and not USN
All the helper function should be in the same file, make sure you run the sample test case before submitting.
Where to submit: Edmodo


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