CSCI6511 – Solved

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Connor Norton

Project 2: Graph Problem

To solve this problem, I developed a Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) algorithm in python with the following components:
– A backtracking search algorithm to solve the CSP o backtracking_search(graph, coloring)
– Heuristics o Minimum remaining values (MRV)
 select_vertex_MRV(graph, coloring) o Least constraining value (LCV)
 order_LCV(vertex, graph, coloring)
– Constraint propagation using AC3 for maintaining arc consistency o ac_3(graph, unassigned_vertex, coloring_value, coloring)

The code is run by calling the graphColoring(graph) method with a valid graph object. If there is no solution, the function returns False. If a solution is found, a list of vertices and their colorings is returned.

The Input Text File has the following format:

colors = #
. .

Unit Testing
– Unit tests were developed using pytest in Visual Studio Code. The test cases covered several aspects of the program. There are tests to: check that graphs are created properly, check if the input text file is read correctly, check that no solution is returned when there is no solution, and check that a correct solution is returned when there is a known solution.


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