CSE225L – Data Structures and Algorithms Lab Solved

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Lab 04
Stack (array based)

In today’s lab we will design and implement the Stack ADT using array.


const int MAX_ITEMS = 5;

class FullStack
// Exception class thrown
// by Push when stack is full.
class EmptyStack
// Exception class thrown
// by Pop and Top when stack is emtpy.
template <class ItemType> class StackType
{ public:
StackType(); bool IsFull(); bool IsEmpty(); void Push(ItemType); void Pop(); ItemType Top(); private:
int top;
ItemType items[MAX_ITEMS];



#include “StackType.h” template <class ItemType>
top = -1;
template <class ItemType>
bool StackType<ItemType>::IsEmpty()
return (top == -1);
template <class ItemType>
bool StackType<ItemType>::IsFull()
return (top == MAX_ITEMS-1);
template <class ItemType>
void StackType<ItemType>::Push(ItemType newItem)
if( IsFull() ) throw FullStack(); top++;
items[top] = newItem;
} template <class ItemType> void StackType<ItemType>::Pop()
if( IsEmpty() ) throw EmptyStack(); top–;
template <class ItemType>
ItemType StackType<ItemType>::Top()
if (IsEmpty()) throw EmptyStack(); return items[top];

Generate the driver file (main.cpp) where you perform the following tasks. Note that you cannot make any change to the header file or the source file.
Operation to Be Tested and Description of Action Input Values Expected Output
• Create a stack of integers
• Check if the stack is empty Stack is Empty
• Push four items 5 7 4 2
• Check if the stack is empty Stack is not Empty
• Check if the stack is full Stack is not full
• Print the values in the stack (in the order the values are given as input) 5 7 4 2
• Push another item 3
• Print the values in the stack 5 7 4 2 3
• Check if the stack is full Stack is full
• Pop two items
• Print top item 4
• Take strings of parentheses from the user as input and use a stack to check if the string of parentheses is balanced or not () Balanced
(())()(()())() Balanced
(())()((() Not balanced
(())))((() Not balanced


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