CSE325 – Solved

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Assignment Overview

This assignment will help you become familiar with the computing environment which will be used for this course. You will complete the exercises below and submit your work for grading via the CSE handin system.

Assignment Deliverable

The deliverable for this assignment is the following file:

proj01.tutorial – your edited version of the tutorial file

Assignment Specifications

1. Complete the tutorial about the “vim” editor using the steps below.

a) Log onto one of the CSE servers using your CSE account.

b) Copy the file named “/user/cse325/Projects/project01.tutorial” into your account as the file named “proj01.tutorial”:

cp /user/cse325/Projects/project01.tutorial proj01.tutorial

c) Execute the “vim” editor and follow the directions in the tutorial:

vim proj01.tutorial

2. When you have completed the tutorial, submit your edited file for grading.

Assignment Notes

1. This assignment will be completed using the CSE computing environment. An overview is available on the course website:


2. The CSE handin system can be accessed using a web browser:



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