JAC444 – Workshop 1 Solved

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The first assignment, simply lets you practice basic control structures (such as nested for loops.)

Develop a Java solution (in a simple Java class, which for now, could even be composed of just one main method) that prints the following output (no hard coding of any types/kinds, except for the number of rows which is 8, and no use of any arrays, please!)

Marking Criteria and Task:
Please note that you should: a- have an appropriate indentation.
b- have proper file structure.
c- follow Java naming conventions. d- document properly.
e- not have debug/useless code and/or file(s) left in assignment.
in your code!

• Task: Developing and running the desired solution: (you should submit your source code – just an individual .java file and a screenshot which demonstrates the way your code runs): 5 marks.

Deliverables and Important Notes:

• Please note that you would be allowed to submit just once, so please be super careful and double-check before you hit submit.

• There would be a 20% penalty for each day (or part of it,) in case you submit late!


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