JAC444 – Workshop 11 Solved

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This assignment lets you practice RMI in Java and includes concepts such as Networking, RMI, and Serialization.

Give a solution to the following problem (RMI System for car registration):
A Car object is described by model, color, mileage, and plate. All the values are given, except the plate which is undefined.
The plate value is calculated by the RMI server. The server algorithm for calculating the car plate is simple: the server invokes hashCode() for the Car object.
Hints: You can assume that the client and server run on the local machine.

Marking Criteria and Tasks:
Please note that you should:
a- have an appropriate indentation.
b- have proper file structures and modularization. c- follow Java naming conventions. d- document all the classes properly. e- not have debug/useless code and/or file(s) left in assignment.
f- have good intra and/or inter-class designs.
in your code!

• Task: Developing and running the desired solution (you should submit your source codes – just individual .java files added with screenshots that demonstrate the way your code runs): 5 marks.

Deliverables and Important Notes:

• Please note that you would be allowed to submit just once, so please be super careful and double-check before you hit submit.

• There would be a 20% penalty for each day (or part of it,) in case you submit late!


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