Power BI Project – Solved

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Optiveriance is planning to be merged with PDCL Ltd. Brown who is the CEO of PDCL is looking forward to a smooth transition and so after multiple rounds of discussion. They have decided to do audit of the business Infrastructure of Optiveriance.

Justin who the Chief Data Officer along with his team started auditing on the following grounds:-

• What is the Total Sales
• What about the Total Quantity
• Profit for the said period and the margin on the same.
• Need to have a details Performance LY for any selected Year
• Comparing the Performance vs LY
• Sales 2yrs ago for any Selected Year
• It is important to know the moving average in terms of Profit & Sales.
• Total Sales, Profit and % Profit can be shown as combo with card and line chart.
• Show the sales Comparison between Cumulative Performance vs Cumulative Performance LY using a area chart.
• Top Performer in terms of Product and Customer top 7 will give a clear idea.
• Performance in terms of region sales needs to workout and also needs to work on as what will be the best way to visualise it except Bar Graph


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