WEB222 Assignment 6 Solved

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This assignment will expose you to the following web technologies: HTML5 and JavaScript.

Your task is to develop a few HTML5 web pages with JavaScript. This assignment must be your own work.

Page requirements:
(1) Welcome page (honesty.html): You must understand and add the following content with your full name in the body section.
“I declare that my assignment is wholly my own work in accordance with Seneca
Academic Policy. No part of this assignment has been copied manually or

I also declare that no part of this assignment has been distributed to other students.
Name: Type your name here

(2) User info page (info.html): this html page will allow a user to fill out his/her information such as first name, last name, password etc. In addition, this html page will have a submit button, a reset button and must support JavaScript validation. The validation requirement is provide below:

A. You must make all fields mandatory to insert for users.
B. First name: Must start with a cap and only alphabet allowed.
F. Education Level: Dropdown list: select and option elements, required.
The Education Level list should contain the following items: – select -, Technical
The option tag for “- select -” should have a value of “0” or an empty string.
G. Education Status: Type of radio. The value should choose from one of the following: Graduated, Current enrolled, Did not graduate. H. Email: use html5 input type for default validation.
I Age: must be in between 18-60.
J The name of the form must be “signup” to accept user’s input for creating user account. This form must submit to https://httpbin.org/post using the post method only when the form does not contain any validation errors. You have two options for displaying error messages-
(a) Display appropriate messages for each error when the user clicks the submit button. There should not be more than 8 error messages in total for each display. OR
(b)Your code should validate the field immediately after it has been changed (if applicable) (hint: use the onchange or onfocusout etc. event handler to call JavaScript functions). Show only one error for a field, at a time. Appropriate messages must be shown for the invalid field.

error found, then a success alert is displayed and form is submitted to https://httpbin.org/post .

Assignment6 folder honesty.html info.html info.js

(3) Title of each page: the title tag of each page in the head section must have your last name. Failure to do so will result in mark deduction.

Final Submission Guidelines:
a)Zip all of your files as Assignment6.zip
b)Upload the zip file to My.Seneca under Assignments -> Assignment 6 (same
submission procedure as all previous assignments)


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