Assignment-2: Python Basics Solved

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1. Write a python script to add comments and print “Learning Python” on screen.
2. Write a python script to add multi line comments and print values of four variables, each in a new line. Variable contains any values.
3. Write a python script to print types of variables. Create 5 variables each of them containing different types of data. (like 35, True, “MySirG”,5.46, 3+4j, etc)
4. Write a python script to print the id of two variables containing the same integer values.
5. Create four variables in a Python script and assign values of different data types to them. Write a Python script to print value, its type and id of each variable
6. Write a python script to print all the keywords
7. On Python shell use help() function and display the list of keywords
8. Create two Python files and Create a variable in and assign some value to it. Write a python script to import A1 module in A0 and print value of the variable created in
9. Name the keywords, used as data in the Python script.
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