CS2273 – Solved

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Programming Paradigms Lab Assignment (CS 2273)
Assignment 3 (Part 2) : Class and Object concepts using C++
Time : One week

Continuation from Assignment 3 (Part 1)
Attempt the following ONLY when Assignment-3-Part-1 problems are completed
5. Modify the Problem 2 (keep the code of problem 2 unchanged) with following support –
• Provide a mechanism to maintain the count of Array created
• Provide a mechanism to update an array by adding two existing array using “+ operator”.
Example code :
RSArray aRSArrayA, aRSArrayB, aRSArrayC; … aRSArrayC = aRSArrayA + aRSArrayB;
• Provide a mechanism to restrict that maximum N array can be created
6. Modify the Problem 1 (keep the code of problem 1 unchanged) and provide suitable implementation of operator new and delete under the scope of the Student class. The Student class should maintain a memory pool of Students objects internally. Whenever new operator is called, an object should be returned and whenever delete operator will be called, the object should go back to the memory pool.


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