WEB222 – Assignment 5: Cascading Style Sheets – CSS Solved

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Practice Styling elements, page layout and image gallery with CSS.

This assignment contains two parts – part A and part B. In part A you’ll work on basic CSS coding tasks. In part B you’ll play on page layout and basic tasks of image gallery and so on. Download and unzip the a ssignment5-template.zip file from Blackboard and there will be the folders partA and partB in the package. Complete the tasks in the following two parts.

Part A
In the folder partA , work on the ontario.html and/or css/partA.css files and create CSS rules base the following specifications. Ether internal or external CSS can be used for creating these rules.
1. Create a CSS rule to set the page width to 80% and horizontally centered. Hint: you can use ether body or .main-container as CSS selector, and set property margin with value auto.
2. For text of all level-2 headings, create a CSS rule to set text color to dark blue and background color to #cccccc (using tag selector).
3. For the paragraph with id=”paragraph2″, create a CSS rule to set font family to “Comic Sans MS”, “Comic Sans”, “cursive”, set font size to 20pt (using ID selector).
4. For all span element with class=”on”, create a CSS rule to set text color to
#5cb85c, font weight to bold, and text decoration to underline (using class selector).
5. For table within div element with id=”section2″, create a CSS rule to set background image to https://d2gg9evh47fn9z.cloudfront.net/800px_COLOURBOX23025384.jpg , repeat, and set text color to #2f4f4f (using ID and contextual selector).

6. For both thead and tfoot, create a CSS rule to set background color to rgba(255, 255, 0, 0.6), which is a RGB color with opacity, and set font style to italic (using group selector).
7. Create a CSS rule to change the color of any paragraph in the document to blue color using hexadecimal value when the cursor hovers over the paragraph .
8. Create a CSS rule to set the list style type of all unordered list to square, and create another rule to set the list style type of all ordered list to lower alpha.

Part B

The HTML pages must pass the W3C’s HTML Validation.
CSS used in the assignment must pass the W3C CSS validation.
sitecss.css file:

Assignment submission
Compact your assignment 5 part A and B files including all directory structures into one zip file named assignment5.zip and submit this file to the Blackboard (My.Seneca).

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